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Give your message a voice
With powerful built-in stereo speakers (10W+10W), the Samsung New
LFD Series gets your message across with complete clarity. Eliminating
the expense of purchasing separate speakers, the space-saving design
creates a high-impact multimedia display.
Extend, Expand
The new Samsung LFD Series includes an Rj45 interface and an RS232C
interface to facilitate easy and effective multi-display remote control.
The RJ45 interface is designed to control multiple monitors over long
distances by LAN.
Change your display
With a smooth swivel, Samsung New LFD Series pivots through 90
degrees, enabling data to he displayed in either landscape or portrait
mode(only in network model)
Choose the SIM that suits you
The variable PC slot gives you the option to choose the SIM (Slide in
Module) network type that suits you. From high-end quad core to low-
end media player, Samsung New LED Series gives you more choice.
(SIM purchase optional)
Always on schedule
Samsung LFD Series feature an intelligent Smart Scheduling feature that
enables you to schedule when the monitor is on or off depending on time,
date, volume, input source, and even holiday designation. Up to 3
individual schedules can be set and stored for your comfort and
Full impact, Full HD
Samsung New LFD Series Full HD models naturally attract the eyes and
engage the attention. The rich color and dramatic depth of detail
contained in the images they display provides the perfect platform for
a high visibility, high impact digital display.
Professional Display Port interface
The Samsung New LED Series Display Port interface enables high
performance (up to WQXGA 10 bits) multi-display control without a
distributor over longer distances (2x longer than DVI). Supporting
interoperability with DV!, VGA, and HDMI, the Display Port interface helps
create the ultimate high-definition digital display experience.
Useful Accessories
Samsung's LFDs come fully equipped with a number of different accessories for your convenience. With the Wall and Ceiling mounting options, you can
hang our LFDs in almost any location. The Welcome stand will give your LFD prominence while the special protective display glass will keep everyone
Built-in Intelligence
In almost every model, Samsung LFDs have an automatic self-diagnostic capability to check features and components like the lamp or the fan. A
brightness sensor adjusts the lighting by measuring the surrounding conditions, making it extremely efficient. Another built-in sensor will let you know if
the temperature is getting too cold or hot. The LFDs are also equipped with a wide range of other convenient features, enabling you to do things such as
check the display's serial number by using the onscreen display (OSD).
Key Features
RS232/RJ45 Control (MDC)
For displays that do not support networking capabilities, they can be controlled
remotely through the RS232/RJ45 Control (MDC) protocol. By using this
protocol, you can almost use every feature, from basic functionality like turning
the display on and off, to something more complex like input transferring. And
for even more convenience, the MDC protocol supports the loop out function.
Built-in Contents Player
Add variety and flexibility to the content you display
The Samsung ME Series are designed with a built-in content player for greater
display capabilities. So in addition to the content on the built-in player, the ME
Series can display content from Magiclnfo-i Lite, videos, images, music and even
documents like PPT files.
Since the ME Series already comes equipped with a content player, there's no
need to purchase additional software or equipment, or even a PC connection.
More sizes to choose from
With screen sizes ranging from 23 inches right up to 82 inches, the Samsung TS
(n)-3 Series offers more ways to display information. Their tactile touch screen
operation enables users to interact intuitively with the high-quality images
presented on¬screen and experience a new way of working.
TS(n)-3 Series
Low Power & Eco Friendly
Cut operational costs while protecting the environment
Identifying gaps in operational processes is a critical aspect of running a
profitable business. The Samsung ME Series can help to close some of those gaps
by delivering a cost-effective solution that's also gentle on the planet. The LED
technology driving the LFD consumes less energy than conventional CCFL-based
large format displays and is lower on CO2 emissions.
Slim & Light Weight
Build a viewing environment with higher impact
The slim and lightweight design of the Samsung ME Series delivers a flexible and
more customizable solution to better suit your business needs. The ME Series is
77% thinner than large format displays that use CCFL, allowing you to create
more space between the LFD and viewer. The lightweight design also enables
easier installation and a wider range of applications with less support materials.
Key Features
Differentiate your business with brilliant, high-impact images
Samsung has taken its expertise in visual displays and has applied it to its new
lineup of LED Large Format Displays (LED). These LFDs leverage the most
cutting-edge technology and offer the latest in advanced features available
today. Featuring all the advantages of LED backlighting, the Samsung ME Series
produces crisp images with accurate color representation, which is extremely
critical when displaying large format content. Looking beyond the display, the
Samsung ME Series delivers a business solution that is aligned with your business
needs. For starters, the ME Series consumes less energy than conventional large
format displays built with CCFL technology. The ME Series is also
environmentally friendly to complement your business's green strategy. And the
slimmer and light-weight design enables a more efficient use of space and allows
the ME Series to be configures based on the application, not the other way
ME Series
Easy Installation
The unique Samsung ID solution support allows for quick and easy
installation without hiring any outside help. So regardless of how
complex your configuration, the 460UT(n)-2 can be easily installed to
create a high-impact visual expression.
Stay Up and Running
The Samsung 460UT(n)-2 LED is designed to provide you with easy
access to its interior for convenient upgrades and general servicing. In
a few easy steps you can quickly remove the back panel-all without
demounting the LDF. That means lower maintenance costs and shorter
Enhanced Networking Capabilities
The built-in network module on the LED monitor provides you with
another layer of convenience. The module allows for easy networking
for greater efficiency and overall performance. Plus, some models
come with our easy-to-use content management software, MagicInfo,
designed to help you get up and running quickly.
Ultimate Interactivity and Resolution
Imagine an interactive display with ultra-high resolution: introducing the
new Samsung LID (Optional). The highly interactive display lets users drag
and drop images, zoom in or zoom out, or choose between images sent by
up to 125 different PCs-all on a single, brilliant display. This is the next
generation of video interactivity, bringing viewers into the experience and
giving them the opportunity to interact with the content they want.
460UT(n)-2, 460UT-2
More room for brilliant images
Samsung is transforming the large format display (LFD) category with the new
Samsung 460UT(n)-2. The 460UT(n)-2 is designed to deliver the largest image
display area possible with its super-narrow bezel. And with Samsung's unique ID
solution support and upgrade serviceability, you can be certain that your LFD
will be up and running to its full capacity in no time.
Key Features
The World's Thinnest Bezel
At its thinnest point, the bezel on the 460UT(n)-2 is an incredible
2.4mm wide-that's the thinnest bezel available on the market today.
And because of the thin bezel, the 46011T(n)-2 allows you to create
amazing video walls that will thrill your audience
Supporting your green initiatives
In keeping with Samsung's approach to environmental responsibility,
the UE Series is extremely eco-friendly from production to disposal.
The UE Series utilizes the latest in LED backlighting technology so it is
made with fewer materials and free of toxic materials such as spray
paint, mercury and lead, making recycling much safer. The UE Series
also has lower Co2 emissions so it is much gentler on the planet than
conventional CCFL displays. What's more, the UE Series consumes up
to 39% less power than conventional models, therefore saving you
money whenever it's on.
Built-in Media Player
Multi-media functionality that's built in
Elevate your display capabilities with the built-in media player for the
UE Series. Built within a microchip, the UE's media player has a CPU
with a processing speed of 800MHz and a cache size of 512KB. Plus, the
video processor supports WMV, MP4 and H.264 files for greater
compatibility. What's more, Samsung's Magiclnfo Lite enables you to
display other types of files like Flash, PPT and JPG for increased
Narrow bezel and slimmer depth with less heat
Minimize wasted space and energy
At a mere 5.2mm in thickness, the bezel for the new Samsung UE Series
has been designed to maximize the viewing experience. The slim bezel
removes any distractions from your sight to provide a greater surface
area, which can be useful when creating a video wall. The UE Series also
utilizes Edge-Type LED which means the display uses fewer materials
allowing it to be much slimmer than the competition. LED technology
also enables the display to run more efficiently and at lower
temperatures to create a comfortable environment for spaces of every
Clearer resolution for superior readability
Eliminate reflections and see more clearly
The Ultra Clear Panel on UE Series efficiently absorbs external light and
effectively eliminates reflection for a clear and bright image for enhanced
readability. With reduced light scatter and enhanced contrast ratio, images
on the display will appear sharper and more vivid so that they look
realistic with deeper and more natural-looking colors. Now your images
and messages will attract more attention and break through the clutter.
Making investments in any part of your business can be an involved process.
Weighing the pros and cons can require hours of research and take up a lot of
resources. Samsung has made your job easier with its newest line of the large
format displays (LED). The Samsung UE Series utilizes the latest in video display
technology combined with innovative new features to create a single display-or
even video wall solution-that is leveling the playing field. Designed to deliver the
largest image display area possible, the UE Series features an ultra-narrow bezel
which helps viewers to concentrate on what is on the screen. If one screen just
isn't enough, the LIE Series can be easily configured for multiple displays to
create a high-impact, stunning video wall display system. The ultra-narrow bezel
helps to increase the visual impact of the video wall by creating a continuous and
seamless image.With its super-slim profile, the UE Series is easy to install and is
flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations and environments.
Your customizable video wall display (UE Series)
Key Features
Giving voice to your message
With powerful I OW embedded stereo speakers, the Samsung 400/460
UX(n)-3can convey your message on a multisensory level. Eliminating
outlay on separate speakers, they enable you to save money and create
an efficient, effective display.
Dynamic Full HD display
By displaying Full HD resolution images, the Samsung 400/460 UX(n)-
3 LED monitors present images and information with unrivalled depth
of color, detail, and readability, ensuring that whatever they display is
conveyed with complete clarity.
Extreme energy efficiency
Through the application of innovative power-saving measures, the
400/460 UX(n)- 3 are up to 70% more energy efficient than similar LFD
monitors, thus reducing operating costs and total cost of ownership,
making them ideal for continuous use.
Embedded DVI output saves time and money
With the inclusion of a DVI signal output terminal, the need for a separate
video distributor is eliminated, making the 400/460 UX(n)-3 easier to
install and more cost-effective either in a single screen or multiple screen
Reliability and readability
The Samsung 400/460 UX(n)-3's DID panel guarantees exceptional
readability and reliability. With lower operating temperature, higher
brightness, and effective antireflecbon and dust features, the panel
performs to perfection in any environment.
Perfect presentation all day, every day
Designed to provide a powerful, professional visual presence. the
Samsung 400/460 UX(n)-3 LFD monitors guarantee information is
presented to perfection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration
of their extended lifetime.
Samsung takes great responsibility when it comes to the environment. This
philosophy runs deep and can be seen in the new DE Series. This high-
performance LED display is gentler on the planet compared to a
conventional CCFL LFD. The LED display contains less harmful materials
and has lower CO2 emissions, making it more environmentally friendly and
less of an issue when it comes to recycling.
Key Features
Slim, stylish and sensational
With their incredible 11 mm narrow bezel, the Samsung 400/460 UX
(n)-3 LFD monitors are designed to combine to create a sensational
multi-display environment that is seamless, stylish, and second to
Samsung Syncmaster 400/460 UX(n)-3 LFD monitors (UX

Professional multi-display perfection
The Samsung 400/ 4b0 UX(n)-3 LFD monitors invite your audience to enjoy the
bigger picture 24.7 Their 11 mm bezel enables them to create a seamless multi
display format, and with Full HD resolution, high readability and reliability,
embedded stereo speakers, arid 40GB HOD they put more of
your message where people can see it.
Powerful Computing
Utilize increased computing power to your advantage
The Samsung SUR40 takes powerful computing to a new level with its
comprehensive line-up of high-performance hardware. The Athlon™ II
X2 2.90Hz Dual-Core processor helps you save time, by making
multitasking fast and easy. Show your graphics at their optimum with
the extremely fast and powerful AMD Radeon™ HD 6570M desktop
graphics card. Together with four built-in 5W speakers, the Samsung
SUR40 will deliver a fully immersive user experience.
Pixel Sense
See more with PixelSense™ technology
Using PixelSenseTM technology, the new Samsung SUR40 display can now
recognize and visualize objects placed in its surface without the use of
cameras beneath the screens. This core technology has the ability to
actually see reflections and illuminate objects on the physical surface.
PixelSense is able to achieve this by essentially transforming each pixel of
an object into a camera, which also allows the screens to become much
thinner for greater versatility.
Key Features
Tag Identification
Create unique tags for greater efficiency
Many industries including retail and financial services use similar form
factors when delivering information to their customers, such as room
keys and cards for payment. By creating a unique surface tag for each
object, multiple form factors can be placed on top of the Samsung
SUR40, while still being easily distinguishable from one another. These
tags consist of geometric arrangements of infrared reflective and areas
of absorption. They can be integrated into applications that are specific
to your business needs.
Enhance your network capabilities
Installed with four USB ports, you can expand the capabilities and increase
the versatility of the Samsung SUR40. The USB ports allow you to connect
any USB capable peripheral, such as bar code scanners, video cameras,
laptops and printers: to create an even more powerful business solution.
The Samsung SUR40 also utilizes an 802.11n Wi-Fl router to communicate
with a diversified range of devices such as smart phones, tablets and even a
cloud computer. It is also designed with the latest in Bluetooth technology
and Ethernet capabilities, rounding out a more comprehensive and
powerful network.
Samsung has teamed up with Microsoft to aid businesses like yours in delivering
the latest in touch-screen display technology to customers. Samsung's market-
leading expertise in the display industry combines with Microsoft's business
software solutions to produce the most intelligent business display tool that will
help strengthen brand loyalty and boost your return on investment. Meet the
Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft. It presents your brand and business in a way that
completely changes the way we talk to customers.

By collaborating with Microsoft, Samsung now has the ability to provide a wide
range of interactive features that will increase brand exposure and deliver a
holistic user experience. The Samsung SUR40 can simultaneously recognize
multiple points of contact to provide greater multitasking capabilities. The larger
surface area and horizontal/vertical form factorencourages interaction among a
greater number of users for a more personalized user experience. In addition,
object recognition allows users the ability to place a number of objects on the
surface to trigger different types of digital responses.
Samsung SUR40
Experience what happens when two industry giants collide
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